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Come For Work, Stay to Live

There’s a reason so many people visit Florida. Those same reasons are exactly why it’s also a great place to live. It’s a safe, sunny, easily navigable state. In fact, five FL cities rank in the top 25 best places to live in the country. Once you put down roots, however, a competitive cost of living – no state income tax! – and a strong educational system are just two of the perks that make it worth staying for the long haul. You can build a career, a home, and a family, all without sacrificing on a superb quality of life. Get to know the state beyond its beaches and attractions and start filling out that change-of-address form.

Florida News You'll Use

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Florida’s Talent Ecosystem: The Driving Force Behind Its Business Boom

How a robust educational ecosystem, pro-business tax policies and increasing job opportunities have made the Sunshine State a magnet for companies in search of a solid pipeline.
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Florida: An Energy Haven For Companies Amidst Strained Capacities

As temperatures rise and costs from extreme weather events soar, companies are putting down roots in a state that prioritizes energy independence, innovation and reliability.
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Florida Ranked No. 2 State to Start a Business

SimplifyLLC analyzed seven metrics to identify the best and worst states to launch a business in 2024, including job creation, consumer spending, inflation, business growth and performance, corporate taxes, and whether educated workers are more likely to move in or out of the state.
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Florida is No. 1 for Talent Attraction

Florida repeats as the No. 1 state for talent attraction in the latest Lightcast 2023 talent attraction scorecard. Each year, Lightcast takes a deep dive into their data and examines the talent attraction landscape across the US.
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